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My Business Journey
29 / 06 / 2019

I need to make a disclaimer first because insecure is my middle name so - this is simply a sharing made from someone who never learned business practically and never went to any business class. I am just sharing my journey. I am also not good in english, just in case. Hehe


If I were to introduce my business journey, my very first business started when I was very young. My mum used to sell children snacks and ice cream Malaysia infront of our house and we have to take turn monitor our 'shop' - we end up hating having 'job' at such a young age. Due to everyone moving on and living life, the 'shop' stopped after few years of operating.


I remember bringing some of the snacks to school and sell them to my classmates. I will bring Rm10-RM12 home everyday and I remember being the happiest during that time. Aside from selling snacks, I remember selling cutted stickers for Rm0.10, RM0.20 each. I remember spreading the stickers on the table and my classmate will come at my table and look for one they wanted.


If you ask me what I wanted to be back then, I would say a successful businesswoman. And that's how I ended up taking Diploma in Business Studies - and I'm grateful ever since. Then I don't remember associating with any kind of business (probably because my family economic condition was great during this time) until one time in my degree days I've decided to make a business Instagram shop, and try to sell stuff. That happened because I realised that I am broke as f*** and my parents' money no longer fit my lifestyle. I mean, hello I want Umang-Umang every week but I can't afford it. Duhh


And that's how I started KOYA.MY, which by the way now don't exist anymore. I operate Koya.my secretly, I don't even want people to know my shop. It's brave (not proud of it) to say that I am ashamed of it. These are the reasons why:

  • First, I'm scared of failure.
  • Second, I'm scared of bringing my name into the business.
  • Third, malu lah if the business flop.
  • Forth, while operating business of course kita kena ada different character from our own self. Dulu malu sangat kalau kawan-kawan yang kenal read my caption.


My weakness


I was(or am still Im not sure) obsessed of my Instagram feed. I don't have any trace of Koya.my anymore to show you guys how obsessed I was. But the two design up there did not make it to our Instagram feed because I was so so picky and it bother me so much. I will make sure my feed looks pretty and most of the time I deleted bunch of posts just because I thought they no longer fit the feed. Sometimes I changed my mind just 10 minutes after I posted a content. It was annoying, you can see this behaviour in me for past few years. How obsessed I am in my blog design that my content went flop straight away.


What I learnt

Through Koya.my, I know which kind of marketing actually work. I learned which target market I will need to focus on - however, in every nature of business I will need to find new target market I will need to redo this in every new businesses.

These are few tips that I think I learned, these tips are general okie :

  • If you have to spam your business account, do it at 2am-5am. Sebab kita business account, people ringan tangan je nak unfollow. Take care of your followers.
  • Don't hardsell 100%. Try to create story, create personality in your business.
  • Make your customer feel reached personally.
  • If you are going to hire Instafamous, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE study their followers behavior, traits and their content. Please don't just hire anyone and then blame them if your marketing didn't work. They are just PLATFORM, not your marketing manager or something.
  • If you make mistakes, apologies straight away. Don't make excuses or lies.


Operating Koya.my was indeed a very good journey for me. And I GEMUK DURING THAT TIME SEBAB I WAS ABLE TO EAT UMANG-UMANG EVERY WEEK!!!!!!! I've stopped Koya.my due to personal reason (*cough* I'm unprofessional when my heart broke I suddenly cannot do anything*cough*) But I already did something, bought something, to start over again. I will share with you my journey one by one through this blog.


I am not scared of people anymore, at the end I only have myself! I will not scared to share anything again because if my business went downhill it's okay because it's a learning process! I have enough regrets in my life and I want to do whatever I want, love myself as I want, and I want to blog about everything so that I can read this blog later in 10 years!

Thank you for reading i love you guys my 10 readers!