I finally gave up on coding

Hi, everyone, it’s Wana again.

Back with new resolutions, mood, and most importantly a new theme that was made yesterday lol.

AMAZING RIGHT? I am able to change my blog theme in just a day. Well, that’s just because I don’t use code anymore. I decided to just use Elementor and I can just drag elements into my blog page and tadaa it’s done.

I learned Elementor like a year ago but I never want to use if for my blog because the features were limited but now I don’t really care anymore because I want to WRITE. WRITE WANA WRITE. I need to write, I feel like it’s a waste to let this very amazing year of experience left without blog posts ABOUT IT. My future need some entertainment made by me you know.

Now that I have started using ELementor I will have to use Elementor for the rest of my blogging life because even this page, is built with elementor lol. 

And don’t bother clicking on the menu, I don’t put any link in it because this blog didn’t have any content yet so – and I couldnt care any lesser than this………….

Okay that’s all for the updates lol something useful with be up later! bye.