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How to Optimize Your Website Speed

07 . 03 . 2019 , Blogging

Hi and Assalamualaikum, I am back in a new look again. After coming up with a new look, I realized that my blog took so long to load. Having this laptop on continuously without shutting down for almost three days now (bad laptop care, by the way), it's normal for the laptop to process thing a little bit late. But the efforts doesn't change anything, my blog was still slow. Then I decided to check my blog weight and speed via https://gtmetrix.com and the result was - not satisfying.

After fixing, I get to improve my blog speed so much, but I somehow unable to solve Yslow grade problems because I really need some of the plugins. Hehe. So here I want to share to you on how I reduce the loading time of your blog!


1. Optimize Your Blog Images (All Blog Type)

As you can see, I got an F for my images. This is because I used big sized images in my blog especially my header background. My former boss told me that we need to compress all our images uploaded to the blog if possible because loading time is important for a website. I am using an image compressor site Compress JPEG which I've been using during my intern days and I was impressed on how the image size was actually reduced to 40%+- of it's original size but I don't even notice the difference.


2. Minimize number of Google Fonts. (All Blog Type)

It is very exciting to have fonts that we can use directly to our website without all the hassle of uploading, using font-face etc. However, this excitement of yours might make you use more than 5 different fonts at a time. Haha! (Been there, hello). And imagine each font will have at least three types of font weights, that's a lot to load!

Having too much fonts in your blog generally won't look that good. Cut down your blog font to two or three types and you are good to go!


3. Remove query strings from static resources. (WordPress.org)

If you are using wordpress.org, this could affect your website loading time. Apparently using query strings is not optimum and took your blog longer to load. The solution to this problem is by adding the code below to your theme functions.php file!

function rm_query_string( $src ){
$parts = explode( '?ver', $src );
return $parts[0];

if ( !is_admin() ) {
add_filter( 'script_loader_src', 'rm_query_string', 15, 1 );
add_filter( 'style_loader_src', 'rm_query_string', 15, 1 );


4. Minimize plugins. (WordPress.org)

How many plugins do you have? I have  a lot of them. Most of them are used for experimenting web design purpose. I have 22 of plugins, and 11 of them are active. The number is still okay for me and as long as you don't activate the plugin, the plugin won't be included in your blog.

Plugins can be very burdening because they have a lot of features you don't actually need. I am actually considering of uninstalling Jetpack and download other specific plugin instead. This is because Jetpack have so many features which I don't really need and it is still included in my web page.


5. Use premade template instead of template builder. (WordPress.org)

If you noticed, before this I tried to create a theme for this blog using template builder plugin, Elementor. Trust me I love using Elementor everyone should try it too for fun! However, I noticed that if you are using template builder, you will have a lot of unneeded codes on your blog which will make your blog heavier and took longer to load.

Your blog will have to store:

  1. The default style of the item
  2. The override style of the item (your design)

I decided to change my blog to code-based theme right after I saw my blog load the default style first, and then after a while it goes back to the design I made. This means that, even after re-styling the item, the default design is still there, on your blog, which you need to bear, just overridden by you new style.

However, Elementor is very fun to play with, and worth it to use if you don't know coding. Try download it and play with it on your tester blog!


No matter how pretty your blog are, please make sure your blog speed are optimized because some of us might don't have the access to fast internet connection and it can be a real frustrating experience. I hope this entry helped, thank you for reading.



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