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29 / 06 / 2019

Hi assalamualaikum! Hi hi hi. Lamanya tak update blog ya Allah. Can you guess for how long this blog stayed private? It is because I had issues with the free theme I used. I don't know why I cannot use the free premade theme at all. I cant afford a premium wordpress theme (that actually fit my taste and needs)  so I guess I have to make one.


The New Theme

As usual, my new theme is custom made and I took few days to make this. This theme were inspired by many other themes by other makers - I browse around to find out which kind of content/structure I actually need for my blog. But overall, my blog theme ended up looking the same. I guess every theme maker have their own style and no matter how much we want to make it look different, it will still look the same. Hahaha.

The main inspiration - or the kickstarter that actually guide me in building this blog is this picture right here:

I saw this picture in Hey Design while looking for product packaging inspiration and I love it so much! However I still find something is wrong with my blog new logo, I think it's the font.



The reason why I'm setting up my blog now is because I will move to a rental office starting from 1st July! So I will spend my whole time there setting up my businesses according to schedules. Blogging won't be in the schedule, but having all other works done at office, I wish my mind emptied when I'm at home and able to do some blogging hehe

I will tell you more about my business planning and all! Stay tune <3