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Shazwana Abdullah

A 23 year old Marketing graduate. A freelancer, and a small business enterpreneur. I love beautiful things and only want to whatever I love!

For People to Read

Hi and Assalamualaikum everyone, please read this entry with jiwang sendu mood because this kind of entry will only come when I sendu myself and when I tetibe motivated to live. Okay jom tukar bahasa melayu sebab i dont know how to sendu in english. Tapi rasa janggal dah lama tak guna kau aku ni […]


How to Optimize Your Website Speed

Hi and Assalamualaikum, I am back in a new look again. After coming up with a new look, I realized that my blog took so long to load. Having this laptop on continuously without shutting down for almost three days now (bad laptop care, by the way), it’s normal for the laptop to process thing […]


#01 Work Update

Hi! So I came up with a new post series where I will update my work and what am I planning to make. This is because I am very eager to tell everyone what I’m up to and I actually been working on it since last week. 01 MY LATEST THEME Obviously, I came up […]