Where to start

24 / 01 / 2017


The person.

Hi. I am Wana, the one and only Wanaseoby.com owner, and the one and only the designer and handler of this shop! I speak in both broken english dan melayu yang sangat rojak. I have always passioned of web designing and running this shop has been my forever dream.


The shop.

I am selling pre-made Blogger Templates and will adding my collections one by one. I would love to help you getting the blog design that you will satisfied with. All the pre-made Blogger templates are (obviously) made in advance, which means the blog template design is as it is and not custom made.


How it works?

The customer will order a template and made payment. You may choose whether to install the template by yourself or use my Free Installation service.  After payment completed, a zip file will be send straight to your mailbox.


If you choose to install it by yourself

If you did not type "Installation service" in the order notes, I will take it as you want to install the template by your own self. After you have done your payment, a zip file complete with the full installation guide and codes will be send. However if you encounter any problems while installing, you can contact me for help.

Pros of installing by yourself:

  • You will understand how the template works better.
  • You don't have to send me your Blogger email and Password.


If you choose my free installation service

If you wanted my free Installation service, please key in "Installation service" in the order notes.  After you have made your payment, I will still send you a file of the template, and I will send you a follow up email to collect information from you to start the service. Your Blogger login email and password will be asked- only for installation use.

The pros of having my installation service:

  • It's free and hassle free.
  • Your blog won't have to set to private for so long.

Throughout the whole installation process, feel free to contact me at support@wanaseoby.com for questions and help regarding the template.