12 / 04 / 2013

Unprivate + New Look

  • takpe tapi akak punye blog tetap cantik 🙂

  • nice dan comel ~.~

  • waaa !! cntik3 !! daebak !! lain dri yg lain b^^d

  • lawa !!

  • Hi beauty *-* Now I found your blog and i am totally in love with it! You are so genial with the html *O* it is amazing! I use some tutorials and I give credits to you on my blog! Thank for everything you help me so much…!

    Love from Spain <3

  • cantik but don't you think it's too bright?hmmm..

  • kak wanaaa ! cunn lahh skin nihh . better than before 🙂

  • Thanks semua T___T Omg terharunya ;___;

    @Aqilah Shafiah: Yeah i think that way too . But yeah people still give a lot of support with this look so i will keep on using this skin ~

    @Bleueli: HI !!! I am so touched reading your comment ;_; Thank you very much much much muchhhh <3

  • macam mana wana buat blog sendiri? :O

  • @aida idora : Blog ni? awak maksudkan skin ni? SKin ni saya buat macam … type jelah code tu ._.

  • Cantik appaaa

  • nape tak publish dekat blogskin ? lawaa sgt . ingat nak curi . -,-

  • lawa lah ! :O nak jugak. tapi tak pandai main dengan code lah 🙁

  • Akak robot ke ? Kenapa lawa sangat :B . Serious ! COMEL GILA TUT ! XD . SANGAT SANGATTTTTT COMELLLL ! *CRAZY* Haha xD

    Hope Oppa from Ukiss melting when look at ur blog 😛

  • wow!! walaupun simple tp still daebak wana 😀


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