07 / 05 / 2017

Things I want to achieve before 22

Assalamualaikum everyone, I've added some invisible flying balloons on my blog because it's my birthday. Welcome to my blog party, you can always click here for some foods hehe. This entry is not really a list of goals post (that sounds very ambitious and wow) but merely things that I want - for now (lol)  


1. A new phone

Can't believe that I'm still using a Note 1 right now. A phone with no emojis and totally outdated and I can't even have any other apps except for Whatsapp, Instagram and Twitter. The biggest concern I had is I can't selfie with this phone due to it's cracked front camera. U can say that I am kind of gadget freak but always unable to get the phone I wanted (because I don't work hard for it)  


2. Finding pleasure in studying

by 22 I will still be a student. And by that time I hope that I can be someone who finds it's fun to study and never procrastinating. So far I've regretted my first 7 weeks of my first semester for not doing that well, I didn't get all the test results yet but I hope that when I got em I will be inspired to study hard.  


3. Recover

I don't know how to talk about this without giving the clue to the readers on what happening. But I hope that by 22 I can finally forget whatever has happened, not getting breakdowns every single night, and can finally talk about something related to it without getting a huge mental breakdown. 


4. Being a good friend/person

This is related to no.3. In this phase of life I no longer find the joy in wishing for birthdays, throw some birthday surprises, I am no longer a good listener, I avoided some people, I don't appreciate people as much, I think I am messed up lol really. All I think about was how to stop myself from the midnight thoughts. I don't care and concern much on my friends so I hope that I can be much better after this. 


5. Focus on Blogging

This will be a forever problem of mine. I always feel bad for not updating much and don't post tutorials as much as before. It's just that the community is changing and I don't know what people need anymore. Publishing a new blog skin makes me feel good though. 


6. Good in makeup

Can't believe that I actually have become someone who wants to wear heavy makeup and dreams on mastering in it too. I once had this conversation with my boyfriend "Saya rasa saya nak jadi macam Asyalliee la" "Dah agak dah hang ni memang one day akan nak jadi macam dia" lol. Pls take note that I don't even have a concealer and can't even draw a proper eyebrow.


That's all for today, next week gonna be very hectic so I can't promise on updating more but I'll try! Thank you for reading. 

  • I miss being 22! Whatever you do don’t forget to enjoy every moment.

    Atheera / http://atheeradayana.com

  • Number 2. Yes, I also wanna focus more in my study. HOPEFULLY. After week 6, I just realized I didn’t focus properly within that weeks. I wanna cry. T.T

  • Cha DW

    Keep it up! Goodluck in your studies too *O*


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