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The Struggle Is Real

11 . 12 . 2018 , Blog, Personal, Rant

Hi and Assalamualaikum.

Today I'm back with another rant post oh really after a long break I decided to post a rant post instead of posting something useful?? Ok to make this entry useful I will give you a little bit of knowledge down here *clickbait* *no it's a bait this isn't youtube*.

So, I am done with my internship, alhamdulillah internship went well because I love my job, Ive been doing stuff like designing etc so it's my piece of _____ so I love it. But, after I came back home, I feel like.. a broke unemployed girl who don't sleep at night (because I use this time thinking how I can make money oh the irony) and at this point in life, at this point of this entry, at this point in the mid of early morning......I gave up.

I do have business plan, of course I won't tell it here la kan kantoi la all my berangan.. I studied really hard for this, I go through China articles etc to learn how then at the end I found out that I can't do it due to the cost. Ok obviously you guys won't understand because I won't tell you the whole thing but that's the idea la k. So I am currently sad and like ok let's stop this.

I want to come out with a new business plan but I'm not going to sell something I'm not fond with :((( I want to sell something fashionyyyshh, or maybe phone casing, or maybe cute stuff but I realize that the only thing I can do is food. I don't like making food. I cant be passionate about it :((( So tomorrow I will come out with a new business proposal (lol) so that I won't waste my time just like these two weeks only to learn that the shopee provided free shipping to China seller who are literally in CHINA so they can post from there to Malaysia consumers with only RM5.04 of cost WHICH MEANS I CANT FIGHT THEM IN TERM OF COST BECAUSE THEY GET MORE BENEFIT AISJDKJAHDKJASHDAJSDHAKSDJ - ok some tea spilled. And I just knew that the oversea stuff at Shopee is literally, I mean the owner of the shop are actually the real China citizen that live there, not Malaysian. Im shook. Ok enough with that.

Idk, my thesis is calling. I'm super not into it. My interest are all into my (failed/halfway) business plan... Pray for my consciousness.

Also, did I tell you? I made this entry while staring at my new kitten that probably live with me for only one day because my parents won't allow me to have it. Found her crying at our back idk what it is in english - lorong belakang rumah? she was chased by a sado cat that I constantly gave food to. Kwaja no food for 3 days sado!!!!!!!!!! ok back to the kitten, Ive been staring at her for like hours and keep kissing her with teary eyes (tru story, not trying to be dramatic) because she resembles my late kitten who died mysteriously 🙁 ok bye



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