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Free Responsive Classic Template : Kio 2.0

November 29, 2016

Instructions of Using Some notes about the template. Any change to the template must be made in the HTML code. The blog header, post author and follow button are automatically set. No extra pages provided, you need to add your own link from your blog post. To make the comment button working, please go to […]

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Tutorial Classic Template/ Blogskin : Latest Entries Comel

April 25, 2016

 Assalamalaikum, tutorial ni ada yang request, hanya untuk blogskin je tau! Macam ni lah rupa dia.  Cari code </style> kat dalam code blogskin awak, lepas tu paste code ni dekat atas </style> tadi. a.latest-entries-button{background:#fff;width:270px;display:block;border-radius:20px;border:0px;padding:5px;margin:0px;margin-bottom:3px;} Lepas tu, paste code ni dekat sidebar blogskin awak. <center><div style=”background:#F2E8D2;  border-radius:20px;padding:10px; width:280; margin-top:10px;border:2px dashed #fff; box-shadow:0px 0px 0px 3px #F2E8D2;”><BloggerPreviousItems><a class=”latest-entries-button” […]

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Tutorial Simple Template : Bloglist Style Comel

April 24, 2016

Assalamualaikum,  Nak bloglist macam ni? meh meh ikut tutorial ni.  Mula-mula pergi ke Template –> Edit HTML Cari code /* Posts Paste code bawah ni dekat atas code /* Posts tadi. #BlogList2_blogs li{background:#DBE9E8;margin:10px;margin-bottom:10px;padding:10px;padding-left:10px;border-radius:10px;border:2px dashed #fff;box-shadow: 0 0 0 2px #DBE9E8;}.blog-icon img{background:#ffffff;padding:10px;margin-right:10px;}.item-content{margin-left:30px;}.blog-title a{margin-left:30px;background:#ffffff;display:block;text-align:center;border-radius:20px;} Edit, preview, dan save! 

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Simple Template : Buang background kelabu/border pada comment thread

April 21, 2016

Assalamualaikum,  Tutorial ni untuk yang guna Simple Template yang warna putih tu.  Sebelum. Ada background kelabu tu kan?  Pergi dekat Template > Edit HTML Cari code .comments .comment-thread.inline-thread { Nanti akan jumpa code macam ni :  .comments .comment-thread.inline-thread {  background-color: $(post.footer.background.color);} Padam yang saya warnakan biru tu. Kalau nak buang border pula (abaikan kalau taknak buang […]

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