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Starting Fresh

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Starting Fresh

09 . 06 . 2018

Hi and Assalamualaaikum everyone,

It's weird that I am here again after few months without any new theme. Usually this is the right timing for me to post a new entry saying "im sorry for keep changing my blog theme" but this time, i did not. Probably because my life is too messed up that changing theme will just add up my life problems hurrrrrrrr. What's up? I'm not fine but I have to post relevant thing anyway because I'm scared my future employer might find me here lol because having a personal blog might be useful in resume especially when you apply for a marketing job???because its a way of interacting?? and nowadays employers are looking for people who could interact with people and also good in making content especially in social medias?? I said it might help, but I might not the one who have it.

I know that I've lose 100% of my followers/readers because I was in hiatus for so long, so I think it's time to start all over again because I have so many things to share with everyone especially about online marketing! Okay what's up? again.

I have an online business

I am currently obsessed of my own online business. Ok actually has slowed down due to week 13 but still, my business is one of my priorities right now. Even though I only have like 3000 followers on IG, the sales was okay and I am able to eat comfortably. I kind of regret the decision to use up my money for foodsss (only) but I am way happier. Feel free to follow as I am selling cheap and cute Korean fashions such as handbags, tops, and many more!

My life did messed up

I know I'm all fucked up but my heart is numb as hell. I don't feel anything or maybe I just didn't know what else to do other than keep going. I have learn so much from the experiences so I might just drop some tips and guidelines on how to manage things and all. I believe that this is starting point for me to stop relying on people and always look for alternative ways in solving problems.

Maybe that's all. I will get back to you guys later. I want to do blogwalking but I don't know people in this new community. Really miss the young and dumb kpop fans blogger community though XD Anyone reading please drop your blog link, I don't want to be alone here.

Shazwana, 22 on 7th May. I aspire to be the most positive person on earth. Please join me!

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