What to cherish
about us
we have so many reasons to be happy again

The way you treat me

How patient you are to me

You never said no to me

You tried your best to make me

Remember the little candle light
dinner we had together?

You always worried about me

Always be there for me

Telling me sweet things that I really
actually wanted to hear

You encourage me to do what
I love

You always be my mengumpat
partner that is on my side

Your love for whatever we did

You make me feel appreciated

You never let me go anywhere

You spent everything you have
for my sake

You are like a baby that I have
to take care of

You are mature, someone I can
rely on

A very very very wise boyfriend

You hide your sadness for my

Tak pernah mengeluh sikit pun
bila saya susahkan awak

Sampai sini dah nangis. omg I
can't do this.

I remember how happy we were back

We only wanted to spend our time
with each other

Tak pernah berkira dengan saya

Sebenarnya, tak pernah abaikan
perasaan saya

We go out from dewan exam, awak
cakap "Takpe Na, aku pun"

idk, you are my everything can't
you see that yang?



Your laugh is something that I've
been adoring and cherish for

Masa ni saya igt awak jealous saya
kuar dgn kwn2 sbb tu ikut hehe

The happiest day of my life

This is my fav selfie of us ever.

You caught my eyes every single

Hm how many time should i tell
you that you're always there

I rly wish to turn back time, cos
I want to be better.

dont ya think?

:( ca i am sad

I can't do this anymore sumpah
nangis ca.

Just nak awak tahu, I want you
to be mine

and always be mine, forever.

Though our past aren't easy

Our past were also sweet, we've
been through so much together

and to let go, it's hard. We
promised not to let go

I am rly sorry i know all i did
was hurting you

Promise you we can be better

We can love each other much

There are a lot of things in our
dreams that we havent achieve yet

I just cant replace you with
anything else in the world

So don't push me away.

Let's start our happy life again,

And let's head to our next
relationship challenges

Let's hold on for a little bit

Because our goal is to get married

and thank you for everything,

For making me happy, since we've
ever met

Thanks for being someone that
I can totally rely on

Thank you for all your love for me

I rly can't repay everything you
hve done for me

I miss you

and I love you.

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