Assalamualaikum everyone, today I’d like to give out some November Calendar Printables that I have made myself. I know that we’re in the mid of December already so it’s kind of too late to actually make it because people usually looks for calendar printables on early month. But here I am, still insisting on giving […]


Hi and assalamualaikum. Happy Ramadhan everyone! We UiTM students are on a week holiday and I was supposed to get a new theme for my blog but I ended up using the same theme with some minor renovations lol I just can’t create a better theme for now. This entry will be an appreciation post. So, on […]


Another classic template made inspired by my own current blog theme! Made this with love for my followers, make sure you followed and comment to this entry before using! This theme is very special as you will never find one like this – with automatic Read More button.


Hi and Assalamualaikum everyone. My week is so hectic with test and presentation but yet I still want to update an entry tonight because bro I purchased the RM10 add-ons data just for my blog kot (and downloaded a lot of Shin Chan episodes at animemalay.net lel can’t resist) how to not update entry at […]


Hi everyone, moh la kita buat entry random seperti yang selalu ku lakukan tetibe untuk rant segala yang terjadi. Kekangan untuk buat entri Masalah sekarang ni satu je, nak buat entry haul tapi camera takde. Phone ber-camera pun takde sejak phone oppo aku rosak. Dalam rumah ni yang pakai iphone pun dia pegi jual sebab […]




Assalamualaikum and hi semua. Sorry sangat sangat sangat sebab asyik-asyik tukar design (mana tahu ada yang fedup), end up tak ada progress lain. Actually, ada progress lain. I’ve been figuring out my blog identity, haritu rasa nak nampak professional lah, apa lah, then finally saya buka blogging planner and jot down what kind of blog […]