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How To Cook perfectly Boiled Egss

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How To Cook perfectly Boiled Egss


Hi and Assalamualaikum. This is so sudden and not a post expected from me but I want to share how to cook perfect boiled eggs! I actually never know the right timing to cook those eggs before. But after I saw the right method on tv, I never failed to make a perfect batch of […]

2018 – A fresh new start


Yesterday I sat down infront of my laptop, thinking that I need to do something. And I really did something big. I turned all my older posts to draft and thinking to start over again. There’s no tutorials and freebies anymore published in this website, probably because I think no one will use it anyway […]

White Lashes


This template is mobile friendly. This template is for Blogger use only, not wordpress. Every changes must be made in the Edit HTML. Template coded by me, do not remove credit, basic  CSS and HTML knowledge required to customize color,font, etc. This template is handcoded by me, do not remove credit.

Happy Ending


Another classic template made inspired by my own current blog theme! Made this with love for my followers, make sure you followed and comment to this entry before using! This theme is very special as you will never find one like this – with automatic Read More button.

Kio 2.0


Shazwana, 22 on 7th May. I aspire to be the most positive person on earth. Please join me!

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