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Making a Planner Printable Set!

23 . 12 . 2018 , Blog, Personal

Hi everyone. Welcome back to my channel omg I'm so into Jefree Star these days.

First of all, I am writing in the latest WordPress editor version which I find very not comfortable and need some times to adjust to it. Second of all, I am actually running late for my thesis project because that's just who I am.

So I have this thesis project which is actually very important but I don't understand a thing about before and slowly have the idea on what I am working on while working on it. Do you get the idea? It's the most confusing phase of my life because I don't have the research book. I don't know, I have no idea. But it worked anyway and I have a set of questionnaire that I need about 300 people to fill out. As I am being Shazwana, I feel like people won't want to fill in very long questionnaires for me without anything in return. So I came out with the idea "why not I give people a set of planner printables since it's almost new year?" and I was also inspired by @content2 in Instagram where he sell his printable planner for charity.

So for now I already have the ideas. Now I just need to create it and distribute the questionnaires! Wish me luck because I want things to be very very fast and I will go sleepless after this lol typical me.

P/s: I've loss my twitter account forever. I don't know how to start over T_T



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