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Looking Back at Wanaseoby Old Designs

09 . 02 . 2019 , Blog

Hi everyone! I came back with a new design obviously, and I thought of doing this post because I noticed that this website has gone through so many transformation since day 1 and it will never stick. If anyone noticing, I no longer private my blog for whatever reason. And I did the current blog changes LIVE and real and honestly, this is only like 50% of progress. I haven't done with so many pages and I need to redesign every post thumbnail, updating my shop, etc. So bear with me please.

I am generating my old blog designs from Wayback Machine! But I can only track my blog since 2015 only. That was sad because 2011-2014 was GOLD af and the reasons why Wanaseoby got it name. Btw you guys can always click the link to view the full version of the website design.


January 2015

One of my favorites Denim template design! Remember those times where people keep using denim template and have this blog look? Responsiveness=0, Personality = 1000000


April 2015

This was when my ass trying something minimal. Look at my Popular Posts, that Collagen Plus Vit E Bahaya? post was a jackpot. I received so many backlashes I hope those people regret defended such trash. haha. #WhenDidThisPostSupposeToBeBitter. Btw this template is responsive!!! Well because I'm not the one who created it because it's a free template from Sora Template.

At that time, I thought on how people can create something so different? I mean people don't edit out the free templates given by Blogger but the MAKE IT. I was already curious but I don't think creating my own Blogger template will be on my level you know because I was basically just editing the denim template hehe.


June 2015

OMGG I really miss my old Instagram feed why the hell I became an emotional bitch thinking I can start over my life by deleting my post (crying emoji). By the way this time I was into simple template, I decided to edit simple template because I thought simple template is more minimal than a denim ever. Of course, not responsive- lameee.


February 2016

This one right here is a simple template, and I tried to use white background to keep the minimal image, but this is not minimal. Love the color though.


March 2016

I am very sad that I cannot see the header though. Seingat I header dia comel and syok sendiri also. Okay noticing the trend of using Google Fonts here okay.... and still denim template, and still not responsive.


April 2016

O M G THIS IS SUPER CUTE OMG??????????????? I mean I won't use this anymore but this is undeniable cute kawaiii omggg and shockingy this is denim template. DAMN SONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNnnn.


May 2016

Guess who tried to be matured? MEEEEEEEEEEE. Well it's pretty, love the flowers, miss making tutorials. Omg I miss my past, I want to turn back time and be more open, positive, and share positivity as much as I can. I don't know why rasa sayu je tengok design ni? 🙁


December 2016

AND GUYSSSSSSSSSSSSS THIS IS MY FIRST WORDPRESS TEMPLATE YEAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. This time I saw some other Bloggers change to WordPress and I was like f*** it! I need to explore this thing. I change to WordPress with 0 knowledge on it's themes and 0 money - which means I can't buy the theme. I spent a lot of time figuring out how I can make the template myself and tada!!!!!!!!!

OK guys somehow wordpress template won't work on this Wayback Machine anymore. Maybe because the raw file have been deleted from my hosting hehe. Looking at my old blog look gave me very different feelings, like, because my blog is literally my life, and live has changed so much.. so some of it gave me a certain memory of the feelings - I don't know, it's like, my heart is remembering what I feel when I made them. Some are excited, some are sad. Thank you for reading, hope to see you soon! This post ends here.



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