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Hi, guys! I am still experimenting with how much I can do with some usage of responsive CSS and I happened to come with a new responsive classic template! My plan is I want to renew all my old blogskins and this Kio 2.0 skin is basically the second version of my very first free blogskin, which is Kio (Upon the publish of this entry, this skin will be deleted forever). Please be aware that this template is Classic Template, which is far different from Template Designer.

Some information of the template:

  1. Any change to the template must be made in the HTML code.
  2. The blog header, post author and follow button are automatically set.
  3. No extra pages provided, you need to add your own link from your blog post.
  4. To make the comment button working, please go to setting > Posts, comments and sharing > Find Comments Location > Choose Pop-up window.
  5. To make this template working on mobile version, please upgrade your template first > Go to Home > Template >  Upgrade Template (Don't worry your classic Template will still be there) > You will be directed to the new Template Page > Click the Setting (gear icon) button under the "Mobile" > Choose "Show desktop template on mobile devices." > Click Save > Now scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Revert to classic Template" to revert your blog to classic template again.
I hope you guys like it!  Pls comment if you are using, questions and problems inquiry are also welcomed ?

your kind comments

  • Thank you for the very beautiful template.. using it on my blog.. :3

  • Kak Wana lawanyaaaaaaa omagaddd. Nak guna ? Gomawoo

  • It looks pretty!

    and tutorial please *pleading eyes emoji*

  • Thank you so much!

    insyaallah, tapi what kind of tutorial?

  • Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu omagaddd. Okay sureeee welcome 🙂

  • Thank you for using my template 🙂

  • kenapa dia kata "Error parsing XML, line 274, column 3: The element type "link" must be terminated by the matching end-tag "</link….." ?

  • anything will be fine.
    I think you should consider making blog templates and sell them on etsy. It could be your side income

  • hi kak im using your template !! 🙂 tp kenapa ek tak boleh bukak pages 🙁

  • kak, saya nak guna eh 🙂

  • It is in my goal list! Hehe thank you for thinking that I am capable to do that 🙂

  • Alright. Thank you for using 🙂

  • Classic template memang tak boleh guna pages 🙁

  • Hi. Ni classic template. Untuk guna, pergi Home > Template then scroll bawah > Tekan revert to classic template > Delete semua code dalam tu > Paste code ni 🙂

  • hai 🙂 saya guna eh? thankss

  • Hi Kak Wana! Using this and this is so so so so pretty!

  • Cantiknya!! nak guna boleh ??

  • Anonymous

    Akak saya pakai template ni. terima kasih. and kalau saya edit2 sikit boleh tapi saya still akan creditkan akak

  • Yes, free untuk awak edit 🙂

  • Boleh ! 🙂

  • Thank you for using:)

  • hi! Okayyy 🙂

  • Anonymous


    Hey there, I'm an appreciator of those awesome, inspiring coders out there, and I'm using their themes with CREDITS and I displayed it BIGGER and CLEARER. I HAVE NEVER ADMIT THE CODES THAT I USED TO COMPLETE MY TEMPLATES AS MINE.

    Just want to deliver some messages here; not delivering hate- for sure. I was not born to hate people. 🙂

    The thing is, she can't do that. Because, she has been stealing codes from the very beginning. Tweaked it, "designed" it and claimed as hers. She took it from everywhere – Tumblr, Blogskins and she even dare to claim someone else's HARD WORK as HERS. I could still accept it if she did credits the owners of the codes, but she didn't. SHE DIDN'T.

    Blogskins that she "made"? Just look over old tumblr themes and blogskins. They were a result of PLAGIARIZING, hun. Can you imagine how would the original coder feel when they know the codes that they have been spenting on their valuable time of their life, put so much effort into it got stolen and the person claimed it as his/hers?

    And now, she's using someone's codes that could make your blog mobile-friendly. Oh My God. If she says she produced that codes by searching through internet and Google, psh. Don't believe it. It was all just a lie. No one can found this valuable codes easily, dude. You will have to at least pay to get the codes.

    So, don't even dream on to "MAKE" and "SELL" "YOUR TEMPLATES" 'cause it will just lead you to committing sins for STEALING IDEAS, INSPIRATION, and spoil their HARD WORKS. Please re-consider miss before doing it.

    You're a Muslim any way.
    A moment of fame in the world made of dirty deeds, results thousand of years suffering hereafter.


    Thank you for your time. I appreciate it.


      This is a video of me applying the mobile-friendly codes . You don’t have to pay anything to learn html & css.

    • Hi everyone, the anon apologized (but im pretty sure she still lied about her identity) in my email. I’m not sure whether i should publish the content or not…….I’m in the middle between don’t want to embarrass anyone and want to show people that this statement ain’t true.

  • Hi! im using this! And it's so simple and pretty! I like it sis!

  • hi kak wana kan akk kte kne guna link dri blog post tp mcm mne nk ambik link blog tu

  • wana ~~~~ saya guna ehh ehh ehh hehehehhehe

  • Kyeopta…saya ambik tau kak wana..gomawo

  • Hi, saya dah try tapi tak dapat. boleh tolong tak? :((

  • Thank youuuu 🙂

  • link tu awak buat entry baru then ambik link tu 🙂

  • Okay 🙂

  • Okayy thank you for using! 🙂

  • Bolehh. Email saya dekat

  • kak wana cantiknya templat ni. tapi kak wana tak terkira cantik lagi dari templat ni.
    Btw, ada orang bakal buat club wanaseoby's haters tuu hahaha

    • hahahahhahahaha awak ni lah kannn suka tau

  • DaeJae Fweaks (SaiDaMelody)

    kak, this is so cute. I’m using this 🙂

  • Saya guna ya kak. Dah lama cari yg mcm ni. New year, new skin yeahhh!!
    Tapi kan kak, menu tab/navigation tu kan akak buat kod utk link… saya nak jadikan dia a few pages in one place, means like bila tekan tab lain, dia berubah page ja tp di tmpt sama (hmm harap akak faham apa yg saya cuba mksdkan). Saya dah cuba macam2. Akak boleh tolong tak? Ni link blog saya >>> . Harap akak boleh bantu. Saya nak mintak akak edit benda tu ja. Kalau boleh tolong, saya hntr code dkt akak guna email. Ni email saya >>> . Saya harap sgt akak boleh tolong. If you want me to pay pun sokay. I dont mind.

    • Hi sorry for the late respond ? saya memang terfikir nak tambah page tu, nanti saya dah ubah, saya update ya 🙂

  • Farah Raduan

    hi kak wana! saya mintak izin nak guna and re-edit hehehe

  • Zakiah Akma

    saya guna ya kak 🙂

  • seong myeong

    i’m using thisss ~~

  • Lia

    Hi! I have a question. How did you do the date? Because on my site it’s just the actual day/month/year. How can I change the format?

    • Mind to provide me your site url? 🙂

  • disqus_dGqkyf4bC7

    Hi, sis. How do I change the contact icon?

    • Hi! Mind to tell me you want to change what icon to what icon? 🙂

  • Dikna Sya

    Hai kak wanaa saya guna template lawa ni yee hee thankyou so much !

  • sufiah mohd tarmizi

    salam.. saya guna ye.. terima kasih 🙂


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