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I’m Starting Over Again

21 . 10 . 2018 , Blog, Blogging, Blogging Talk, Personal

Hi everyone! Okay I don't know where to start. I have a lot to say but let's make this post shorter since I have a lot of other post going in after! So Hi guys! I am se-ri-ous-ly back, because I am finally like finished my study, have a lot more time and been much happier since, so I thought I need to share my joy here? I do blogging only when I'm happy, no?

After a series of depressing posts in the past, I know that my life wasn't at the right state before. I've been through things that I think really shaped me to a mature me now, it was hard but I think also a huge life lesson for me, at least. And yeay, eventhough I'm still being all bitter about what happened to me in the past (specifically at twitter), me having the mood to start blogging again, start doing papercraft again, journaling, brush lettering and all really means everything for me. It's like a life shifting from one stage to another, happier.

Even though most of my internet friends aren't here anymore, I still want to do this, because I love being here.

And I won't unprivate my blog until I got sufficient contents inside. So you probably can only read this after a week. So wish me goodluck because I have so many contents that I need to post after this. Hope you enjoy reading this blog. Thank you! <3


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