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Im at a new phase of life!

10 . 08 . 2018

Hi everyone, Im really sorry for not updating for so long. Typical me. I aspire to update as much as possible but I wont expect much from myself but today.. I just want to share something!

I am finally, not graduated yet, but finally in a workplace! Yeay. Even though I'm an internship student I still find it like another phase of my life, a pretty new one and I am alone. Living alone in a rented room with three other housemates that I rarely talk to (because as soon as I got back from work I get so tired 😭) with no transportation at all, with no one to rely at all other than myself. After relying on my boyfriend for like 5 years now I'm free.

And my workplace, Im not sure whether its okay to disclose this to public so I will not tell my work place as I might represent them or whatnot...(paranoid at my best) but I am super happy working here! I got a very supportive boss and a diligent working partner that are very reliable. And to be honest, I am doing what I love and I cant stop being happy about it. But too early to judge...... so far I am happy!

And I made new friends too. The process was so easy.. my boss introduced me to a friend.. and then suddenly I got a friend that rant on daily basis.

The challenges that I am facing:

    My skin. Im not sure if it is due to being too tired but my skin is in the worse condition now.
    My pronunciation. Guys, I am very very very not confident with my pronunciation and also Im having a hard time conveying message in English. I'm pretty sure my workmate and boss are okay with it but I am super embarrassed whenever I spoke brokenly especially in the meeting where we do brainstorming, so I need to speak as soon as something came to my mind but my english came out WITH MALAY STRUCTURE. Example: This thing can we like have this one put on another side kan (like like like like and more like like)
    I don't know how is this related but I am an official Instagram Keyboard Warrior as I can never stop myself from arguing in the comment section of the controversial post.

Ok im sleppy goodnight

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