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I challenged myself, I’m not sure.

27 . 03 . 2019 , Personal

First of all that pic is fake and heavily filtered i have to tell because im insecure so hi.

Hi and assalamualaikum everyone, this is a short update because I am late, the due of my so-called-challenge is tomorrow, and I am progressing slowly. Very slowly. Much slower than I thought, but I can't believe it that I can actually do it.

Long story short is I accepted a job, at first I thought it's okay because website website (read: meh, website mehh). Come on, if it's website I think I can just do it in no time. Sebab dah lama berkecimpung dengan website and I have learnt so much from my internship kot.

But turned out, the website is a system guys. Ye, dia bukan website tapi sistem gaisss. Masa tu aku macam gelabah, boleh ke buat ni. Aku dapat tahu apa yang kena buat for that sistem, okay kena tweak sikit je. I think I can do it. I consult dengan Iman whether I can do it or not. He said I can learn it sebab "bukannya kena buat sistem, kau kena edit sikit je". Please take note that I know nothing about system. I only do WordPress management, Woocommerce, HTML and CSS. I don't even know how system work guys. I know nothing, how to operate, how to code, what to search, I literally know nothing!

I consult SOOOOOOOOOOOO SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many people in related field. Dorang semua percaya I can do it. So aku pun terus rasa percaya dengan diri sendiri dan merasa "Hellowww I learnt how to make WordPress Theme in one week kot, mesti boleh punya belajar ni." And I think of long term benefit kalau ambik keje ni, akan exposed to the field secara realiti, akan tahu apa businesses nak, akan tahu what they are expecting, akan jumpa ramai web developer, so many new knowledge. And if I get lucky, mana tahu dapat next job terus.

Then I went for a meeting dengan boss, end up I balik dengan task yang sangat berat. A new system. Yes, a new system. Serve me right for pretending like I know everything. I know it sounds stupid, tapi serious on every single detail of the conversation- dekat dalam otak ni, "I can learn this" "Okay I will learn this later" "Okay I will make sure I get it done". Disclaimer, I never lied, I just tak boleh cakap "I tak tahu buat ni" infront of her, so I took it as a challenge instead. But, I am very excited to learn, trust me.

It has been two weeks since.

Sebab taknak entry ni panjang, you can wait for second part later hahahaha sorry guys. Hint: Good news but keep your expectation low.



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