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I’ve Started an Online HTML/CSS Class for Beginners!

06 . 11 . 2018 , Blog, Blogging, Blogging Talk

Hi everyone! Im glad to tell you that I have this section, part of my blog, where I will teach a little bit of HTML/CSS online. The knowledge are limited to my knowledge experience, and what I have self learnt. So my understanding, function, and term might be different so bear with me. I am still unsure of the method that I will using, but I went to an HTML/CSS class before in my workplace so I kinda get to catch on the teaching method, and the flow.

If you guys wanted to join, make sure to subscribe to the form in my home page! I have prepared three post for it beforehand because I want to make sure I deliver the class to you on time. I will link it to your email starting 25th November!


I love this post management Board I build on Trello to keep me organized. Trust me Trello is my bestfriend in my internship world, after my workmate Alis hehe. You can see that I have done three post of the html/css class, I just haven't sort out yet in what way I should deliver the thing to my subscribers. I'm thinking of having a private blog, which will need password to access or just a mystery page with mystery link, still haven't decide.

So I'm thinking of using Facebook Page as another main platform of interactions, as before this I got so many questions from ask.fm about blog design etc. Also haven't decide since I can't change my last Facebook page name. I previously changed the name to some random shop name for my group assignment and apparently it's not that easy to change your Facebook Page name because they reviewed the thing before approval. So far I still didn't get to change it back to Wanaseoby even after making an appeal urgh. Guess need to make a new one.

Okay, don't forget to subscribe to my very second (the first one failed because I can't decide on my blog identity and no planning on platform) HTML/CSS class if you are interested!


Hi! Welcome to my personal blog. This is where I share whatever I love (and my love for blog designs never really quit) <3


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Subscribe to my online CSS/HTML class now. Learn More Here.