21 . 06 . 2013
How to style your sidebar or post title – Style 1

How to style your sidebar or post title – Style 1

21 . 06 . 2013

Hi guys, starting from today I will update one by one post or sidebar title just for you guys! You can send a request to me on what style you want me to make for the next tutorial. As for Style 1, I make a very simple post and sidebar title style which will suit those with a minimalist theme! You may edit them to your own style too.

Click here to see the live preview.

To apply this style to your post and sidebar title, follow the following steps. The steps seem complicated but trust me, it is easy. Just follow the steps carefully so that you won't messed up your blog!

For Post title

1. Go to Dashboard > Template >Edit HTML 
2. Click in the HTML box > and press CTRL + F to search code.
3. Paste this code under <head>

<link href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Josefin+Sans" rel="stylesheet"/>

4. Then, search for h3.post-title.

4. You will immediately directed to this code: Don't worry if the codes inside the { and } look different than yours because you might have followed other styling tutorial before. I am using the original and untouched white simple template from Blogger.

5.  Remove the codes I highlighted, and replace them with this:

6. You are done!

For Sidebar Title

1. Search for div.widget > h2 and you will find something like this.

2. Just as the Post title, remove the whole codes that I have highlighted and replace the codes with this:

3.Now you are done!

Thank you for reading 🙂

  • Kak wana, tq. khamsamnida. ^_^ I like this tuto.

  • kak wana saya guna

  • Hai.. macam mana awak buat open page terus ke new tab untuk blogskin yea?

  • thanx.. btw klau post title boleh wat camni tak?

  • untuk denim ? ada tak wana?

  • kamsahamnida! 🙂 *lol harap tak salah spelling XD * cantik!!

  • nuna nk tukar kpda simple templates.. tapi tk bnyak tuto2 untk simple templates yg nuna jumpa kat google.. nuna lebih fahm tuto wana.. klu wana ada mse trluang ke, bley tk wana buatkan satu tuto khas untk simple templates.. trima kasih ya. 🙂

  • wah terima kasih , Insyaallah kalau saya idea , saya buat 🙂

  • betul lah tu XD cheonman !