21 / 04 / 2011

How to style your post blockquote

Style 1 - Basic

This is the live preview of text in blockquote, you can change the background color as you like πŸ™‚ To use blockquote in entry, highlight text that you wanted to make blockquote, and then click .

1. Go to Template and then click Edit HTML.
2. Find for code ]]></b:skin> or ( </style> for classic template).
3. Paste the codes below before the codes that you just found.


4. You may change the background color by changing #fff8bf to your own color code and save.

Goodluck πŸ™‚

  • kak wana , kalau yang takde post blockquote tu mcm mana ?

  • cari code

    blockquote {

    sahaja :>

  • Mon

    kalau dua dua tak ada ? :<

  • knape 22 x ade..?
    cm ner nk buat nie??

  • paste code

    blockquote {

    dekat atas code / style then paste code dekat atas tu dekat bawah code blockquote { tu .

  • What if code / style pun takde?

  • @adlynn aldeena : template apa?

  • template simple, Wana.

  • simple template memang takade code .post blockquote { dengan / style eah ?

  • Kena tambah code tu sendiri πŸ˜‰

  • wana , acana nak buat background aca wana punya nie ?

  • wana , macamana nak buat blackground like wana punya nih ?


    background:url(URL BACKGROUND);

    Ni je code dia ^^

  • nice tuto ! thank dah jadi >,^

  • Salam,mcam ner nak wat cbox mcam wana ye?..best sesangat bila cursor sentuh trus terbuka ..ajar la kat akak.

  • macam mana kalau kita dah ada blockquote , tapi kita nak tukar blockquote tu . Nak tukar stail lain ,

  • @ airis aries: waalaikumussalam, saya ada bagi code "circe hover" sila cari dalam list ye πŸ™‚

  • Jung Haneul : Awak padam je code yang berkenaan dengan blockquote tu then paste code blockquote lain πŸ™‚


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