07 / 10 / 2012

How to style your post blockquote – Style 7

This is the live preview of blockquote style 7. Please hover this blockquote to see the hover effect. To use blockquote, highlight the text and click . To have this kind of blockquote in your blog, simply follow the instruction below.

1. Blogskins/ Classic template : Paste the codes giver before/above </style>
2. Template designer : Paste codes given before/above ]]></b:skin> 

  • nice 😀

  • @Amirul Aimaduddin : Thankss

  • saya guna! 😀

  • I want to use all your blockquote !!! itsss sooooo preeetyyyyyy :3

  • Saya nak pakai ye blockquote nih . 😀

  • Nice. Nak guna tau. Thanks wana 🙂

  • ain gne. btw it awesome 😀

  • saya guna ni 🙂

  • Assalamualaikum , aq perlu sangat-2 ni 🙂 . Tolong replay , okayy ? Nak tanye , For simple template memang takde code .post blockquote { Atau pon tentang Blockquote ni . Habis tu memang simple template tak boleh pkai
    Blockquote ni lah yer ? Atau ape-2 code ??

  • Wanaaaa nadira ambil tau blockquote ni.Cantik la blockquote ni.Btw,terima kasih wanaa *campak kevin*

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