11 / 10 / 2011

How to download and use blogskins

Assalamuaikum and hi!

So today I will teach you on how to download and use classic template or also called as blogskins. You can get blogskins codes from Blogskins.com or from my blog (as I didn't upload my codes there).

1. Choose a design. 

As I said, you may get blogskin codes either from Blogskin.com or from my blogs or maybe from other blogger who provides free blogskins. If you are using blogskins, the road of downloading might be a little tricky because at first I didn't see the download button too!

2. Get the codes! 

You will face no problem if you are getting the codes from blogger as they always provide direct and obvious placement of the link to the codes. If you are using blogskins, the road of downloading might be a little tricky because at first I didn't see the download button too! Let's use this blogskin of mine as an example:

let's say this is the design that you have chosen. To get the codes, scroll down until you found this button at the right side of the site.

Click Blogger Main to download. You will get a text file, simply copy the content of that text file.

3. Apply codes to your blog

To have this blogskins to your blog. You need to revert your template to Classic Template first. Here is how to do it:
1. Go to Template > Scroll Down until you found "Revert to Classic Template" > Click that button and choose "Revert to Classicc Template"
2. You will automatically directed to a HTML page. Delete all the codes in the HTML box, and replace them with the codes you got earlier.

4. Preview your blog, edit, and save.

This process requires a lot of time and effort. You may edit your blogskin codes using http://htmledit.squarefree.com/ to save time. 

  • thanks a lot!!!

  • nux download tuh lme x ?

  • tak lama. 5 saat je .

  • massihh gtw..kami pown confius nk letak kat na..

  • @♥ Im KyuNa ; welcome 😉

    @ Farisya ; welcome 😉

  • Habis tu macam mana lagi? Tak ngerti lah.

  • @Dia Harini Setiawan : Kena biasakan diri dengan code html baru boleh guna ^^

  • @ Wana : Kena biasakan ape lagi? Tak ngerti lah! -,-"

  • @Dia Harini Setiawan : Benda ni guna banyak code dan awak kena pandai code baru boleh guna, kalau tak pandai kenalah biasakan diri dengan code dulu.

  • lepas dah letak code tu. camne nak edit isi benda tu???

  • @Nurl Farihah Anuar : Dekat google ada banyak tuto , search "Macam mana nak edit blogskins" "How to edit blogskins"^^

  • design dkat mna ?

  • @umie : Design? what do you mean by design? template tu memang ada design dia lah awak tinggal install je

  • sedihnya..slalu ada error…sy pulak tk pndai..tsk3 T.T

  • @Malyn : ._______-. ini je satu-satunya cara.

  • hm.. zura try x jadi la… zura dah download lepas tue dah tekan revert still x boleh.. mcm mana ek

  • Maccam mana nak download ?

  • Thank you (:

  • bawah sekali ke nk scroll

  • tak, bawah sikit je. Ada benda tu cuba cari bebetul ._.

  • Kak tolong akak,napa orang lain boleh jadi saya berjuta kali tak jadi? desperate sgt nie nk nangis :3

  • umm,,akak yg revert classic template tu xder pun..mohon bantuan segera ..newbie yg perlu tunjuk ajar..

  • ouh.. baru tau.. tq 🙂

  • hai wana. nak tanya sikit. cara nak guna bloskin sekarang berbeza laa. tak tahu mana nak paste code2 tuh kat mana

  • tak jumpa revert to classic template 🙁

  • Thanks tutorial ni . follow back .


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