29 / 11 / 2012

How to add Twitter widget on your blog

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone. Today I would like to teach you on how to add Twitter widget to your blog. The widget will display you latest tweets on your blog. 

1. If you already have a twitter account, you can log in to your Twitter account, of course via your browser, not on your mobile app. 
2. Once you have been directed to your home button, click the icon next to search box on your right side. 
3. After you clicked 'Settings' you will be directed to the setting page. Scroll way down and find for 'Widget' button on the left side of the page. 
4. To create the widget, click 'Create widget' > and choose 'Profile' 
5. Once you have directed to this page, choose 'A profile' 
Choose Embedded Timeline and Twitter will give automatically give you codes for you to copy. 
Thank you <3 
  • Tapi, saya buat tak boleh pun, bila saya buat dia jadi putih je. Kenapa ye?

  • saya pun jdi putih,,bila saya wat dia jdi putih

  • saya buat jadi tpi dia kebawah..btw..thanks kak Wano sbb dh ajar..

  • sy punya jadi !! thanks !!!

  • Then nak masukkan dalam blogskin macam mana? 🙁

  • Jadi! thnks 😉


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