How to add navigation menu – style 5

14 / 11 / 2012

Hi guys! As requested, I will teach you on how to get the menu button of this style. This is the live preview of the button, you may hover your cursor over these menus to see the hover effect 🙂

link 1link 2link 3link 4

To get this menu button, follow the instruction given below.

1. Edit the codes

To edit the codes, I recommend you to use to edit while viewing the Live Preview immediately. The main codes that you need to change are - YOURLINKURL (Change this to your link url) & titlehere (Change this to your own menu title)

2. Apply the codes

For Blogger Template Designer user, you may put this navigation on your gadget section. Go to Home > Layout > Add a gadget > Choose HTML/Javascript > and paste the codes. 
For blogskins/ Classic Template user, you may put the codes anywhere you wanted the navigation to be.
Thank you 🙂

  • DAEBAKK :3

  • saya guna 🙂

  • I'm using this. Thank you 🙂

  • Awak, kalau nak letak background pulak macam mana?

  • @nawa Rahim : code
    background:#eee; gantikan dengan background:url(BACKGROUND URL);

  • kak pengen tanya… gimana ya? cara buat tulisannya itu jadi kaya 2 columns gitu? yang kaya di page "tutorial", "blogskins" terimakasih sebelumnya ^^

  • gunaaaa ini tuto yea 🙂 thankieee!

  • Hai wana, I'm using it, thanks a lot.

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