04 . 12 . 2012
How to Add Circle Box with Hover Effect to your blog – Style 2

How to Add Circle Box with Hover Effect to your blog – Style 2

04 . 12 . 2012

Assalamualaikum, this tutorial is requested. At first, I was hesitated to post this tutorial as the codes are not mine. But I understand that many of you guys don't really understand on how to use the codes by that website. Don't worry it was hard for me too. This tutorial are belongs to: Owner

Click here too see Live Preview

I have provided the codes below. Edit the codes in http://htmledit.squarefree.com/ and then paste them in where ever you wanted them to be. Both classic template and Blogger new template designer can use this box. 
    • Ohhhsheeeeeem (Y) terima kasih ;O; *baling jantung*

    • thankssssssssssssss !

    • ambil k? terima kasihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    • wana. akak ada amek circle hover yg no 3 tu. akak nak letak dekat about me tapi kan bila akak letak kenapa circle hover yg dekat navi tu jadi sama mcm circle hover yg akak amek tuh..? –' . mcm mna nak buat bagi circle hover navi tu tak berubah ?? T_T
      akak guna skin wana yang Yell At Grey tu .

    • @♥eieindQ♥ : o yep. satu skin boleh guna satu style je sebab code style dia sama. Kalau tak kena ubah salah satu ^^

    • wana. sis amek circle hover no3 eh ? tapikan knpa sis amek letak kat about me circle hover yang navi tu jadi sama mcm circle hover nie jgak ? mcm mn nak buat bagi dya x berubah ? –' . harap boleh tlg 🙂

    • kalau takde style?

    • kalau takde style?

    • @나의 이야기 ; letak atas body{

    • body{ pun takde lh kak.. Simple template boleh ke?

    • @Alvera Ayub : Kalau takde letak atas blockquote {

    • thanks kak wana ! sy guna yang nie ye 🙂

    • Oh my ! Ohsem. Yaya guna k

    • die ke tepi..cam ne nak center kn

    • Ni yang rasa nak nangis ni 🙁 Takde jugak kak ! Waaaaa. Tolong kite wah,

    • saya ambil satu ohh , no.3 punya .

    • thank 🙂

    • Kak..saya amik satu…btw thanks for this tuto..

    • dear cmner nk centerkn je… mcm kmu letak kt header pleaseeeee

    • ida amik tau . tp mcm mna nak center kn ?

    • macam mana nak letak kat header?

    • Macam mana nak edit saiz background semua ??

    • Thanks 🙂

    • Thx for tutor

    • Blog template cannot use ??

    • using this 🙂 thanksssss

    • saya amik satu kay ? thanks 🙂