02 / 12 / 2016

Have you ever miss yourself?

self thought

So I was spending my whole day organizing my old blog posts. Reading back all my draft entries and delete all of them and re-update everything...while listening to Shin Chan's videos........of course. All these readings turn me into an emotional woman who misses her younger self. I was happy back then.

By that, I don't mean I don't live happily right now. It's just that my past life was happier, probably because I don't really face problems (my only problem was when I promised not to add anyone else in my bias list and end up falling for another oppa and the list goes on) , haven't face hurtful experience, and my circle of friends - mostly online - don't get really personal we only talked about oppa but managed to love each other.

I was having fun and all good. I don't think I have any problem with my inner side during that time. I mean, I don't hate anyone, I don't hold grudges and I don't curse. The only cause of my depression was when my parents didn't appreciate it when I did house chores lol what even. Oh, and when I fought with my brothers to use PC! hahaha.

I realized that it was so good to be overthink-free. Now I can't even spend a second of not thinking about hurtful stuff that has happened. Listening to k-ballad songs can be terrifying to me too, since now the lyrics have meaning. They were just songs before. Now they do have meaning.

Growing up is not a choice anyway.

  • Hello Wana, it's great to know that you visited and followed my blog. Fyi, I do have 2 blogs that using 2 languages. 1st blog is English version, and the 2nd is Chinese version which you visited. Feel free to visit again 😉

    I have read this post and knowing that you're currently reupdate your old post. That's why I'm trying to use your tutorial this afternoon but then it shows that this post is no longer available, and that make me feel curious as I just use it yesterday and still working fine. Now then I found the answer, haha. Anyway, can't wait for your reupdate post and also new post too.

    Sometimes I have the same feeling with you too. Missing the old time and recognizing that those times is the great time as I have nothing to worry but just being happiness. But now we have to face the problem and the fact of world, to be honest it's quite hard to be used for it. Inshallah if everything goes well. 😀

  • Agreed! my younger self feel so freedom, without much problem at all. the biggest problem i can remember is my bias dating an actress and i couldnt sleep for day. so overly attached with all my bias at that time.

    sometimes i dont realise tear on my eyes when i listen to all ballad songs. whats wrong with me haha

  • omg hahaha that oppa dating part! Have you ever face something like oppa suddenly married and even have a baby boy? it was very shocking i nearly died! hahaha.

    Me too, when something is up, listening to k-ballads is not a very good idea

  • hi, so I was a bit misunderstood of your blog post, I thought you was moving blog and the second blog is your new blog XD I'll visit again soon.

    I am very sorry for every inconveniences for those who tried to use my tutorials T____T I didn't come out with any notice because I seriously thought no one really want to use those tutorials. I am really sorry.

    I know right, we need to get used to hardships as we grow older. Yes, insyaallah 🙂

  • true, but even so, there are so many perks of growing that i don't want to trade even with all the hurts i've been through. maybe because it has helped me build some strength. idk.


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