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Future Post List!

21 . 10 . 2018 , Blog, Blogging, Blogging Talk

Ok since I am a halfway-kind-of-person, Im going to make something that gonna force me to actually work on the posts I planned to make.  Now that I have make a future post list, I eventually need to actually post it or else I will just be the same old Wana that promised a lot of thing ended up not doing anything.

So these are the list of posts that I really want to do in the future, if I have the time:

  • My Makeup Routine
  • My Skincare Routine Journey - yeah because I am trying out products now so I want to bring you guys along in this journey so that we can slowly learn together. 
  • How To Start A Blog
  • How I did My Latest Theme
  • I started an Online CSS/HTML class for beginners!
  • My favourite vloggers!
  • How to Organise your Downloaded Fonts!
  • Best Way to Organize your desktop + Freebies Desktop Wallpaper
  • Learning Flatlays Journey
  • How to build your own blogger theme
  • Best graphic design platforms for you to use
  • How to make Money Through Blogging
  • 10 Selected Fonts I love for you to Download
  • SEO Tips from My Boss
  • How to Start an Online Instagram Shop
  • Best Blogging Platforms you Can Use
  • Explaining Budak Gigi Rabit Case
  • and the list goes on...

Well I have  a lot in mind, but first and foremost, I need to go blogwalking first to make friends. I really miss all the 15 years old kpop fans that use blogskins from blogskins.com and ranting on oppas daily and decorating blogs on daily basis.


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