Assalamualaikum and hi guys, let me start this by by warning you that this entry will contain a lot of 800px width pictures. Okay so.. last Monday I finally officially graduated Diploma in Business Studies at UiTM Segamat and honestly I wasn’t as excited as everyone else because I don’t really know the value of […]


Hi and Assalamualaikum, I made a very special single post for my friend’s birthday. You won’t see this text in this post, so yeah everything in there is a little personal so ..


Hi and assalamualaikum everyone. Today, finally today, after quite a while of not moving and just sitting around doing nothing and very unmotivated to keep on living (admit it we feel this way once in a while kan), I’m updating my blog! Sorry for abandoning my blog for so long and I’ve deleted all personal […]


Hi and assalamualaikum. Happy Ramadhan everyone! We UiTM students are on a week holiday and I was supposed to get a new theme for my blog but I ended up using the same theme with some minor renovations lol I just can’t create a better theme for now. This entry will be an appreciation post. So, on […]


Hi everyone, moh la kita buat entry random seperti yang selalu ku lakukan tetibe untuk rant segala yang terjadi. Kekangan untuk buat entri Masalah sekarang ni satu je, nak buat entry haul tapi camera takde. Phone ber-camera pun takde sejak phone oppo aku rosak. Dalam rumah ni yang pakai iphone pun dia pegi jual sebab […]


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