Assalamualaikum and a veryyy good morning everyone – if you’re reading this right now. It’s okay if it’s too late to get a morning wish, read this entry again later on tomorrow morning hahaha im so funny wow -_-  ok wow I actually abandoned this entry and continue updating at midnight. I know that it’s […]


Hi everyone. So today I need to study 13 chapters straight because Ive been pocrastinating for several days without realizing that my next paper is just in two days 🙃 But I feel the need to update one entry before I start studying. Today’s entry gonna be a little bit personal but I’m sharing it […]


(Had to re-publish this entry because I just realised that this entry is important to remember!!!) Hi and assalamualaikum. Happy Ramadhan everyone! We UiTM students are on a week holiday and I was supposed to get a new theme for my blog but I ended up using the same theme with some minor renovations lol I […]


Yesterday I sat down infront of my laptop, thinking that I need to do something. And I really did something big. I turned all my older posts to draft and thinking to start over again. There’s no tutorials and freebies anymore published in this website, probably because I think no one will use it anyway […]