Assalamualaikum, Haritu den buat yang simple template kan? Harini untuk denim pulak, tak berapa reti denim tapi akhirnya jadi jugak. Tapi lain sikit lah.  Ekceli taknak buat tuto denim tapi ramai jugak yang tanya so saya buatlah 🙂  Pergi ke Blogger Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML Cari code /* Footer Paste codes yang saya bagi […]


Assalamualaikum, So yea saya buat benda ni sebab saya selalu post code tanpa terangkan apa yang boleh diubah. Perangai seperti ni tak ubah seperti cikgu akaun saya pada tahun lepas, hampeh tak faham. Mungkin ada yang tak tahu kan?  Tapi takpe, meh belajar. Ni ikut apa yang saya tau jelah, banyak sangat yang saya tak […]


Click here to see the live preview.  Please click the Live Preview because this tutorial list have a special hover effect. To get this list codes, copy the codes down here and paste it on http://htmledit.squarefree.com/ and edit it there! Honestly, I need to remind you this is the easiest way to edit codes. tutorial Tutorial : Tutorial : […]


Click here to see live preview.To have this kind of tab simply follow instructions below. 1. Copy and paste these codes to http://htmledit.squarefree.com/. In this website you may edit this tab the way you want, you may change the colors, the style, and the content of this tab box.  Tab 1Tab 2Tab 3Tab 4 Navigate around. Replace […]


Assalamualaikum, thank you for requesting this tutorial. I am currently using this blog archive style. If you touch the title, you will see a special hover effect! I am sorry that I don’t provide live preview this time.  1. Go to Dashboard > Template > Template HTML 2. Paste this code before/above </style> .archive{ -webkit-transition:All […]


Assalamualaikum, someone asked me where did I get all the fancy fonts in my laptop. You can install various fonts but make sure that you are aware of the font owner’s regulation. Some allow you to use the font for personal use only, it means that you will need to pay or buy the font […]