31 / 12 / 2016

Back with new look after 10 days.


Assalamualaikum semua orang! Korang mesti dah bosan gila dah baca entry macam ni. Tapi ni lain sikit okay sebab banyak benda yang mungkin saya kena bagitahu buat sementara ni.


I go self-hosted

Yes, I am currently using WordPress as my blogging platform and I'm going to explain why and how and HOW MUCH MESS IVE FACED during the switch process later in another post. Now I'm just going to explain about my new template!


I made myself a WordPress theme

I was totally killing myself when I actually decided to switch without a single knowledge about the theme. Tapi still dapat buat after a hell lot of experimenting, googling, and read everything in WordPress Developer Theme Handbook. Masa baca handbook tu Ya Allah rasa nak putus asa sebab tak faham langsung tapi berkat experiment with other free WordPress theme, maka terhasillah template ini (walaupun poorly coded, code bersepah barai)


Kenapa tak beli je template?

I was asking myself this question too masa memula switch, like "You are new why don't you just buy a theme and learn later? It's not like you wanted to sell WordPress Theme pun nak belajar-belajar ni" Tapi first, takda duit and saya ni jenis akan tukar template setiap kali mood mai datang picit bahu cakap "Theme hang ni bosan lah".

Worth the try, though, once you know how to make the template (walaupun level baru) but you can make a lot of things. Contohnya dekat Shop ni menu dekat header lain daripada Home page.

Tapi blog ni belum responsive haha satgi nak gi siasat mengapa terjadi begini.


Some notes for readers

For readers who is currently browsing for my Blogger tutorials, I'm really sorry for the broken links. I will update the link immediately today and will come with more tutorial posts as requested on my Ask.fm.

Maaf na duk bercampur-campur bahasa, satgi I mai explain kat hampa await aku jadi laguni.


Resources used

I would like to thank Gold and Berry for the flower vectors which was given with full permission. Lightwidget - for the Instagram widget. Font Awesome – for the Icons . Fonts . Arrow Box .

  • No wonder I couldn’t access your blog. I suspect you might’ve made a move to self-host and I’m right. yay. haha. new layout looks great as always.

    And I totally understand about wordpress being a bit difficult. I create a new website and spent a day buying hosting, domain name and figuring out how wordpress works. I’m still looking for a theme to go with my website though since I’m not like you who can create a template from scratch. (please, make an etsy account asap)

    btw, happy new year!

    • Thank you Rasya! I go self-hosted immediately after the anon thingy hahaha

      When will you officially activate your self-hosted website and talk about it? because I can’t wait to have some friends to talk about this matter! I am way too new to even come with a premium wordpress theme XD I will, thank you so much for supporting me.

      and happy new year too! ^3^

  • wana, i think you should test your blog on different browsers. it doesn’t look good on Opera :/

    • Thanks Erin! Dah download Opera and Opera jauh lagi laju and smooth end up guna terus untuk editing haha, sekarang okay tak? Sebab rasanya tadi tu masalah screen size, now dah betulkan everything. Thanks again! 🙂

      • haha Opera best kan! haah dah okay! 🙂

  • Stunning, as always! 🙂 (rasa macam tenga komen kat drama korea sites hahahaha) Anyway, thank you sis for that link sources, that would help me lots in designing my blog! I always adore your creativity since i started blogging, you’re the one who inspires me a lot in coding and designing.

    forget the haters, keep blogging in your own way okay!!! <3 *baru boleh singgah blog kak wana*

    • Ni mesti sebab disqus ni haaa hahaha kantoi la banyak komen dekat koreandrama sites :p Thank you so much for the kind words T_T _<

  • Kak wanaaaaaa cantiknyaaaaaaaa new look !!

  • benci.
    /nangis tepi bucu bilik/


    sincerely from anon ><


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