20 / 12 / 2016

Anon letter

"If she says she produced that codes by searching through internet and Google, psh. Don't believe it. It was all just a lie. No one can found this valuable codes easily, dude. You will have to at least pay to get the codes."

Disebabkan aku sangatlah gigih, aku buat video sikit. Tak mintak banyak pun, nak minta anon tahu je camne nak buat blogskin. Link to the video HERE. Nak minta yang ada effect2 pun boleh, saya ada masa nak tunjuk dekat awak sebab saya penganggur.

Bila saya buat rupa baru, saya ada bagi link semua sources saya guna, supaya orang lain boleh belajar juga. Pergi sini untuk tengok semua.

  • i respect u wana sebab mampu buat one complete template dari gabungan code2 di google. seriously, ignore je anon tu. she/he don't know how much efforts and times do you spend to make those template. 🙂

    comel je video tu. hahahhaa 😀

    • Lepas ni dah malas nak layan anon dah XD block je senang. Hihii thank you BV <3

  • the anon might be just jealous with your ability and your're being good enough, sharing it with the public.. Chin up and I bet, almost everyone is with you.. 😀

  • There's no need to pay attention for these kind of people.

    berani kerana benar

    don't be sad, I still think you can sell your templates because you have this unique style in your design

    • Thank you so much and I will sell templates i don’t care hahaha thank you so much and i noticed your cbox message (Thank you!) :p

      • Please make a wordpress theme! I’ll be your first customer

  • Anonymous

    ermmm I think the anon was referring to the mobile-friendly codes, not blogskins codes…
    wana, you should have read it all over again and not succumb to your anger; posting about the anony like this… you misunderstood him… omg wana i can't believe you're like this.. I'm such a huge fan of yours T-T I've seen this before if im not mistaken (it was when you posted your lacey theme, i think) an anony said you stole one of tumblr makers theme and i couldn't be more disappointed as you scold the anony at first then you called the anony sampah… T-T why wana whyyyy i was so in love with you and now i'm losing interest T-T you have always become my inspiration but now you're wrecking it all T-T
    dont succumb to your anger wana please please please

    • wanaseoby

      Hi awak. Yes, the anon was referring to the mobile-friendly codes. Sebab tu saya cakap, dia kena tahu macam mana nak buat blogskins. Sebab saya dah tunjuk dalam video tu macam mana nak buat template tu mobile friendly without paying/or steal anything for the codes.

      I need to post this as I need to stand up for myself, at least when I know I don’t steal anyone’s codes. I was being nice enough in this post, I was showing the truth instead of bashing this anon. View post untuk theme tu 3 kali ganda daripada normal post, so ramai orang yang akan tengok and have bad impression towards me.

      I know you anon people will come and attack me about my Lacey Theme when you have nothing else to say. I’m going to approve your comment because I know I did wrong before, taking inspiration for my about post (I didn’t steal the codes, you can email me for my theme codes), and taking someone else’s scrollbar codes. Just for you to know, that skin was made for my own blog and I gave it to people upon requests. And also, I put this resources link on my every ‘New look’ posts. Nevertheless, I was still wrong but after the thing hit me, I have taken down the theme completely and apologized, and I thought I am all okay.

      Actually girl, the anon was the one who called me sampah. She commented on my Lacey theme post harshly, enough to make me mad. I know who this anon is, as I checked her Ip address it turned out this blogger pernah komen dekat blog ni using her own identity so yap. I pretended not to know who she is, and she is the same person who commented on my Lacey theme. At least on my Lacey theme, she helped me to be better. I memorized scrollbar codes so that I won’t have to look at other’s codes.

      I can’t check yours as my blog is currently in a big mess as I am on my way getting my own self-hosted blog. I want to at least pay for my blog, for this reason.

      I am sorry that I can’t control my anger, but I didn’t express my anger on my blog so you don’t have to worry. You don’t know how much efforts I have put on that Kio 2.0 Classic Template. I am new to this responsive/mobile-friendly thingy so it took me a while to experiment with the whole thing. You will understand how I feel when someone tried to convince everyone else that my works and efforts was all stolen works. I even thought I should stop giving freebies and should just delete all my tutorial entries – in this way – malas ah aku nak tolong orang dah, so ungrateful (hahahahha).

      But coding is my passion I cannot ignore it <3 It's okay you can have someone else as your inspiration. I am not that good anyway. Have a good way ahead in blogging world!

  • Mai tengok video tu, kagum dari jauh dengan Wana sebab faham bahasa coding ni, hebat-hebat. Ignore the haters, ramai support Wana.

    • Thank you Mai! Baru perasan komen ni, very motivating 🙂 <3


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