15 / 12 / 2013

Add grain background to your blog main body

This is also a quick update. This tutorial was requested by a person on my Ask.fm. Thank you for asking!

To get this grain background on your blog's main body, follow this simple steps! 
1. Go to Dashboard> Template> Edit HTML
2. Search for ]]></b:skin> and paste this code ABOVE/BEFORE it.

.post-body,.content-inner {

3. Save template and you are done!

  • akak..boleh tolong edit sy punya blog tak? pliss..help me..sy buntu sgt..blog sy seolah olah tak dpt nak diedit dan tak jd apa2 sejak sy transparentkan background header. satu blog pulak jd transparent. cuba nak buat mcm yg akak suggest tu pun tak leh. pliss..help me. emel sy,pengawas.smkg@gmail.com. scepat mgkin. sy hargai sgt lau akak boleh tlg.

  • Thanksyou!!


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