14 . 11 . 2012
Add comments display in Classic Template / Blogskins

Add comments display in Classic Template / Blogskins

14 . 11 . 2012
Most of Blogskins people are using have no display comments. So, I've decided to give you my entire codes, which I took from Blogger Template. 
First, paste the codes below BEFORE </style> 

Then search for </Blogger> , paste the codes below BEFORE it.

After that, you need to search another </Blogger> tag  (most blogskins have two entry codes due to pagination system) , and paste the codes before it again.

Now you're done ! Bagitau kalau tak jadi okay, bai

  • Thanks kak wana sebab ajar tutorial ni ^^

  • tapi kan, masa nak cari style tu , ada banyak. nak paste kat mana?

  • @Aira : Welcome ^^

    @Syaidatul Mardiana : Mana-mana pun boleh ^^

  • Dah lama tunggu sis update tutorr ni *-* thankss!

  • Sayang kak Wana yang comel ni sesangat ! Akhirnya menjadi ! Muahh :* thanksssss

  • noona !!!!!!!!! ts very2 usefull !!! thanks very much !!! love <3 hehew

  • Wah… Bestnya ada tutorial ni… tq 🙂

  • dah paste dah. tapi takde pape pun? saya guna pop-up window. so how? help me please! 😮

  • @Aqil : Welcome ^^

    @Nurul Syafiqah : hahahahhahahahahah muah to you backkk

    @Sya Syahirah : welcome ^^

    @Shidah2020 : welcome ^^

    @Nurul Haidah : Benda ni keluar bila kita pergi dekat single entry je. http://wanaseoby.blogspot.com/ takkan keluar , tapi kalau http://wanaseoby.blogspot.com/2012/11/add-comments-display-in-classic.html akan keluar ^^

  • yea ! menjadi lahh , lama dah cari tuto nih . thanks you wana !

  • Thanks menjadi ! tapi takde border yang kita komen tu lahh . yang mcm dlm gmbr tu , yang border dia warna pink tu . harap kak wana boleh tolong . 😀

  • Jadi. Thankyou kak 🙂

  • akak , blog sya jadi tak seimbang boleh tolong tak ? sya msih baru dlm blogskin lah akak 🙂

  • @nur shifa : Set post kepada satu post sahaja ^^

  • thanks for the tuto 😀

  • terima kasih 😀 menjadi laahh. ! Blog awak cantik ><

  • wana kalau nk tukar background mcm mne ?

  • jadi . thanxz . hehe 🙂

  • OMG!OMG!OMG! Akak!!!!!!! Jadi larh! >< tyvm sy akak 1000000 kali xD

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  • akak, saye dah buat banyak kali and menyebabkan template saye rosak. s0 banyak kalilah kene betulkan. memang jadi tapi ade kesan dekat dalam post.

  • wana, sy buat tak jadi pun :/

  • thanks sbb ajar!

  • for denim x de ke? huhu :'(

  • thanks wana!

  • tutorial ni menjadi la kak wana..tq^^

  • thanks , alhamdulillah , menjadi , sekian lama mencari tuto i . TERIMA KASIH tau <3

  • Hee jadi lah terima kasih ! 😀

  • Kak Wana, thank you sangattsangattt! Benda ni menjadi tapi… kenapa Old Things saya tu jadi ke atas? Cuba pergi blog saya. Then tekan comments. http://www.ainazigzag.blogspot.com

  • Thanks kak wana! Love you damn much! Akhirnya menjadi!

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  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Sue

    thank you so much. it's really work.

  • tak jadi lha wana :'(.

  • kak wana… dah jadi… tapi, saya tukar koding dia laa… mcm

    <$BlogCommentAnchorName$> ->

    <$I18NCommentAuthorSaid$> ->

    lepas saya tukar tu baru jadi.. 🙂


    kak wana ada cakap "Benda ni keluar bila kita pergi dekat single entry je. http://wanaseoby.blogspot.com/ takkan keluar , tapi kalau http://wanaseoby.blogspot.com/2012/11/add-comments-display-in-classic.html akan keluar ^^" kan?
    bila saya buang kod dan ,,

    dia akan display comment box tu walaupun kat link http://wanaseoby.blogspot.com/

    #untuk info

  • Dah try buat tadi.Jadi.Terima kasih

  • akak..:'( x mnjadi laarh.. isk3

  • sy guna tuto ni 🙂

  • thanks a lot! ^_^ used a lot of your tutos /bow/ fighting!

  • saya guna tuto akak and tuto yg akak ajar ni menjadi…thanks akak

  • thanks 4 tuto

  • kak wanaa! .you so awesome… dah nak dkat 1 thun Ain cri tuto tntang comment box.. satu pun xjdi.. tpi Ain prnah gune tuto ni..xjdi jugak.. tpi ain xbuat popup window.. ain guna embeded… ain guna tuto ni.. sbb tuto lain.. xsesuai dgan code blog ain.. ini jew yg jdi.. so.. thanks sgat :> happy ":D

  • @Aqif Thaqif what codes that you deleted?? Please tell me.. this is really important.. 🙁

  • Help me! It doesn't have a comment date or reply comment… How to make it appeared??
    PS : sorry for my bad english because i don't know how to speak malay so i'm speaking english.

  • @✿ Ayuuu ✿ sorry ayu, i didn have the date codes. As for the reply comment, so far i can't find it. Thats why i ended up using simple template.

  • @Aqif Thaqif tapi kalau keluar terus dekat main page nampak cacat dan serabut. As we can see dekat system blogger pun comment dekat single entry. Tapi, ikut taste lah kan

  • @Saya Ieqa ♥fgthjcgjgc

  • kak wana . thanks u sangat,dah lama cari tuto ni. ^^ akhirnya dah jadi

  • Thank you SO much! :DD

  • Hi there, can you provide me the code for "reply to comment" button?
    like what you have in this comment.

  • @Syerrie welcome ^__^

  • @Kerr Heilee Almario welcome ^___^

  • @Kerr Heilee Almario you can simply google them 😀

  • @✿ Ayuuu ✿ code and . sorry late

  • tengs kak, menjadi 🙂

  • @Wana Seoby The thing I googled doesn't work, maybe you can please provide me 🙁

  • Thankyou so much i was needing this so hard♥

  • Akak punye blog ni gune blogskin ke kak ?

  • tak, saya guna simple template 🙂

  • Thanks Wana… You're awesome..

  • x jadi pon yunk. huuu.
    jumpe satu je pon tuhh mcmmana ?

  • Sis kalau nak reply to comment untuk blogskin canne eh?

  • tak tau ._.

  • Thanks for the sharing most valuable blog because this post very useful for every one. Pop music

  • wana boleh buat tuto nak add reply button pada setiap comments dekat classic template?

  • omg i need more help with this ! 🙁

  • Thanks Kak Wana! Sbb bagi tuto ni..

  • Assalamualaikum wr, akak, makasih ye!! ^^b

  • waalaikumussalam.

    Sama-sama semua n___n

  • sis. thanks. tutorial yg sangat menjadi ^^,
    jemput datang baca entry baru blog aye http://misschoco-berries.blogspot.com/2014/11/boleh-ke-borak-dengan-lelaki-perempuan.html

  • sis, kalau nak tukar size icon comel tu nak edit yang mana eh? 🙂

  • Anonymous

    How do you add a reply button like the one you have? :0

  • thank you so much! I've tried so many other tutorials/codes and your instructions/codes finally worked for me! Thank youuuuu! ^.^

  • Kalau takde tu macam mana ek?

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  • menjadi 😀 thank youuu

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