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Assalamualaikum and hi! I am Shazwana, 20 years old and you can call me Wana.This blog will contain my personal feelings and opinions, experience, events sharing, hauls and hobbies - I can say, I post personal stuff & exposing my real personalities through my story telling session.

However, I can't resist my passion towards blog design. So I posted a lot of blogger tutorials, free themes, and some design freebies for you guys. I blog in Malay and probably some english. Please note that my English is still in beta version (haha) please bear with it.

I just launched my theme shop! Please check it out here and tell me what you think!

Currently unemployed so you guys can always contact me for any questions ! Thank you.

Maaf atas penggunaan "aku", lebih selesa menyampaikan cerita macam cerita kat member-member je hehe.


My Interest

Kpop, K-indie, K-drama, K-variety show, Shin Chan on Youtube
Brush lettering, Planner, Stickers, Stationery, printables
Blog Design, free .pngs, free brush fonts, design inspiration posts

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