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21st Birthday

21 . 01 . 2018

(Had to re-publish this entry because I just realised that this entry is important to remember!!!)

Hi and assalamualaikum. Happy Ramadhan everyone! We UiTM students are on a week holiday and I was supposed to get a new theme for my blog but I ended up using the same theme with some minor renovations lol I just can't create a better theme for now.

This entry will be an appreciation post.

So, on my birthday, the first thing that I did, was getting a new phone for myself. I've been mentioning about how I have to use the old and dying Note 1 and I desperately need a new phone. So, I went to Plaza Alam Sentral with my friend and buy one. I am so happy with my new phone and can't wait to share my experiences with it with you guys.


This is the first photo taken from my phone front camera. Thank you Yana for bringing me there. My friends are all waiting for me to get my driving license so that we can change role. hahaha. Btw, I snapped the current looks of my new phone jap eh nak upload.


To be honest I am still kind of having cognitive dissonance for buying an iPhone... I was so crazy about Huawei Mate 9 though.......

Then in the same day, I need to go back to UiTM tercinta because on Monday I got classes. Before going back to Puncak Alam together with my boyfriend (we always balik together because he drives my car I don't have the license), we went to this steamboat place at Subang Jaya.

IMG_0065.JPGWe planned this dinner out for so long you know, I've been searching for the best steamboat and grill place for like the whole week but this place is a disappointment. I did go through their Instagram and their place and all their photos seem all fancy and when we came everything was hambar.  The tomyam was terrible too.................. 🙁

Tapi thank you for belanja me food <3

And then we go back to our freaking reality - UiTM - and when I arrived I go to shower because I smell like bbq-from-a-hambar-place and I took a long shower bc I love my house bathroom lolol then when I came out I notice a plate of goodies on my bed, I ask Haja "Haja sape punya ni?" "Kau bagi aku eh?" and she was like "Ca kau tak perasan ke atas tu?" Only then I notice a banner written Happy Birthday ca with 4 tak jadi balloons on the wall then only I realized it was a small birthday surprise. Hahaha.

IMG_0102.JPGNotice the I <3 U ?? Thank you Haja and Aiza (for the gift you gave me - she gave me a bag of foods, but I lose the pic of it - I ate all the Samyang alone even though I can't eat spicy foods.  hahahha I love you guys so much.

And then like two weeks after my birthday (which was on 1st January), I went iftar together with my bffs at Foodbury. At FOODBURY. You guys need to go here because this place is so awesome okay I'll tell you why later haha. So everything was just normal, I didn't suspect anything, didn't expect anything.

I don't know how to do the story telling in english but I'll try my best.

I went with Hilmi, Ikang, and Mimi (Mimi ni first time lepak sama tau). So when Hilmi picked me up everyone was already in the car. So we just straight go to the Foodbury, they already booked our table, so we need to arrive on time kan lelagi buka puasa. So we did arrive on time. Later then Ikang and Hilmi need to go to SACC Mall because Ikang needs to get some keys yada yada yada.

So I just left alone with Mimi. Luckily Mimi is friendly and even crazy................................ I never know that she is so fun to talk with. We talked about some random things and I played a round of Mobile Legends and all.

And then tetibe Hilmi and Ikang arrived with balloons and a huge elephant plushie (I love elephants ok) while singing Happy Birthday - they didn't finish the song though ahaha. The funniest part was Mimi thought that she was a part of them, but actually, this surprise was for her too! Happy belated birthday Mimi! <3333 p/s: I hate how the guys next to our table sibuk nak perli perli sweet bagai.


Thank you Ikang, Hilmi and also Mimi. <3333

Thank you so much everyone for the wishes and everything I do appreciate every single wish from everyone lelagi yang selit "wana cantik" kat hujung wish tu hahaha. Okay bye.

Shazwana, 22 on 7th May. I aspire to be the most positive person on earth. Please join me!

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