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2018 Goals

03 . 02 . 2018

Assalamualaikum and a veryyy good morning everyone - if you're reading this right now. It's okay if it's too late to get a morning wish, read this entry again later on tomorrow morning hahaha im so funny wow -_-  ok wow I actually abandoned this entry and continue updating at midnight. I know that it's tooo late now to post this kind of new year entry but I'm still doing this since I have nothing else to update about pun.

It's 2018 already, girls. Make it your year. Or not...... Let's take a look on my new year goals because WE ALL GONNA READ THIS AGAIN IN 2019 to see if anything has fulfilled yet.

1. I want to be prettier

I know this sounds funny, but having a brighter and clear skin has always been my number 1 goal. I dont really care when people said being obsessed over light/fair skin tone is toxic in our society I will still love to have it.

However, I think I've already accepted my real skin tone and live with it because I purchased foundation in dark shades and I love it.

How to achieve this goal:

  1. Put on sunscreen everyday. Please pick up your lazy ass and do this, Wana. Okay honestly in Semester 4 I never put on sunscreen anymore. Imagine going out for 5 months everyday without applying it. Puncak Alam kot weh parking kete jauh kot.
  2. Go back to the skincare routine that you have abandoned for few months, wana. Honestly, it has been like 4 months since my last time applying face mask, serum, night cream, day cream and toner 😩 Face wash and scrubbing is the only thing I do now.
  3. Bring your facewash everywhere. Okay this is important. I always randomly go back to Shah Alam from Puncak Alam and sleep over for a week or 2-3 days without bringing my face wash and I will use any face wash I saw.. and two or three days after that I will get breakouts and still not learning from it 😂

2. I want to earn money

Still unsure in what way, how and when to begin. But this is the year where I should be able to at least afford some new clothes 😭 My 2017 spending was all on broken phone, missing IC, steamboats, gas and fuel, missing purse, paying bills - all using my parents money where I feel so useless because so many careless things happened but I unable to be responsible to it 😂And if you notice it.. I always wore the same clothes for so many years already. Noticing that, I know that I should have cut off my spending on steamboats..........

3. I want to update my blog frequently

We need mood, community, and readers to have the spirit to update blog. Before this I love to update blog tutorials. Now, I'm losing content to update. Blog design tutorials has become old and I even thought that now one would be interested to edit their blog anymore. Anyone? The only thing that I can do as a design blog is uploading free themes! And it took a whole lot of commitment to made one.

4. Getting my driving licence

Well, this is something that I really need to do in order to survive. Been setting this as my yearly goals since 2014.

5. I want to start journaling, lettering and play with stationaries again 

I want to do this. I've been losing interest in these things last year, probably because I don't have the mood to start anything. I'm planning to start playing with planner again and post them in my Instagram. I always dreamed on having a very nice Instagram feed. I actually start practicing lettering yesterday while playing Mobile Legends lol. The result turned out ugly, so I can't keep both hobbies together lol

Thank you for reading! <3

Shazwana, 22 on 7th May. I aspire to be the most positive person on earth. Please join me!

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