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2018 – A fresh new start

17 . 01 . 2018

Yesterday I sat down infront of my laptop, thinking that I need to do something. And I really did something big. I turned all my older posts to draft and thinking to start over again. There's no tutorials and freebies anymore published in this website, probably because I think no one will use it anyway 🤨

About the theme, I'm thinking to move them somewhere in other website I'm not even sure yet. (Ya Allah masa aku update ni ada makcik selamba masuk rumah tanya mak mana bagilah salam dulu ke apa ke)

The reason why I think I need to do this, is because I think the content of this blog is just too messed up and did not fit my blog image, and I need to sort out the categories and everything.

I don't change my blog layout, though. I guess this is the best theme Ive ever made because Im still in love with it 🤨 << my favourite emoji now thanks to someone who spam this emoji to me I think its cool

Okay, guys. Thank you for reading and supporting I keep getting cute text and DMs about my blog, thank you so much for giving me the spirit to update my blog again ❤️ Now you can expect more entries because updating blog can never be any easier than having wordpress app in your phone!

Till we meet again, xoxo.

Shazwana, 22 on 7th May. I aspire to be the most positive person on earth. Please join me!

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