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Classic template: Comment link on your blog not working?

January 11, 2012

Assalamualaikum.Tutorial ni adalah untuk mereka yang mempunyai masalah butang komen tak keluar apa-apa walaupun dah click. Pastinya bagi pengguna blogskin. Pergi ke Blogger Dashboard >> Settings >>  Posts and comments Yang paling penting part Comment Form Placement tu, pilih Pop-out window. Wasalam. 

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How to create Shaking Image on Hover

January 7, 2012

To experience live preview, mouse over to this image: Copy these codes and paste it above </style> .shakeimage{position:relative} Paste this codes under <head> </style><script language=”JavaScript1.2″>/*Shake image script (onMouseover)-© Dynamic Drive ( full source code, usage terms, and 100’s more DHTML scripts, visit*///configure shake degree (where larger # equals greater shake)var rector=3///////DONE EDITTING///////////var stopit=0var a=1function […]

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