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#01 Work Update

12 . 02 . 2019 , Blog

Hi! So I came up with a new post series where I will update my work and what am I planning to make. This is because I am very eager to tell everyone what I'm up to and I actually been working on it since last week.


Obviously, I came up with a new theme. I am really sorry for LIVE UPDATING my blog changes without keeping my blog private, actually I told everyone about this live changes in my Instagram Story and actually welcome anyone who want to see the wrecked version on my blog. You will see changes per refresh haha.


I have a Facebook page now. I used to have one, but unfortunately I need to make a new one and start over. I hope you can give my page a like, its on my sidebar. Btw Facebook page is my main communication method as it will allow an instant chat there in my sidebar.


If you noticed I actually have a shop there in my navigation. The navigation system is not yet finalized because this blog did not have much content so I cant really sort out what should I have. I am planning to sell Blogger Theme, WordPress Theme, Wedding Card Invitation/RSVP Hosting and many more! I also have opened my Etsy shop.


I am currently and very slowly learning things about Blogger Template. I pull back all of my free themes because I am studying all the themes in the market and currently figuring out the best method of selling themes. I used to use 100% coding which make my themes not user friendly and non customize-able. Alhamdulillah, it is progressing well and I will come up with very low-priced theme time by time. My main platform would be my Etsy shop.

I think that's it. I am in the middle of a theme right now and I thought of making a post because my brain was about to explode! Now that I spill my thoughts out I feel way better! Thank you for reading <3



Wana is the name, 23 years old is the age, living the life happily is the forever dream.

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