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Shazwana Abdullah

A 23 year old Marketing graduate. A freelancer, and a small business enterpreneur. I love beautiful things and only want to whatever I love!

I challenged Myself – Part 2

That pic was edited so pls. Im fake af. Okay? Hai assalamualaikum! So aku cerita masa first two weeks aku buat system. That time, aku dah siap dah system (I thought so) but actually banyak lagi function kena tambah tambah end up kena redesign but it turned out way better. Yela takkan bila noob tu […]


Now that Im in KTM

First of all, if you guys hate Bella Astillah, you will hate this whole post too. Stay away from here I don’t need people who think things work your way. Also, i know, i know. Hahahahaha So aku harini kena naik KTM, jumpa boss nak tunjuk my system! Tapi entry ni bukan pasal tu la. […]


I challenged myself, I’m not sure.

First of all that pic is fake and heavily filtered i have to tell because im insecure so hi. Hi and assalamualaikum everyone, this is a short update because I am late, the due of my so-called-challenge is tomorrow, and I am progressing slowly. Very slowly. Much slower than I thought, but I can’t believe […]